Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily Mug Shot

Good Morning Moon Monkey Junkies~ today's mug shot is from Anne Jackson otherwise known as flowerdust I got kissed today in India...new blog post: http://www.flowerdust.net/2... #compassionindia She & others are part of the #Compassionindia bloggers trip to India. Her post today is touching! Anne Jackson is a world changer for the Cause of Christ!
Back on the home front here @ the Moon Monkey Coffee Labs we are gearing down from our trip to Gospel Music Week in Nashville Tenn. Nice to hand-deliver Moon Monkey Coffee to some of our raving fans in the music industry...Toby Mac, David from Remedy Drive and many behind the stage! I have a real love for artists, authors & others that inspire & lead us on the front lines of leadership to be excellent. This week we are gearing up 'pour and press' extraordinary coffee @ Agape Fest in Greenville Il. for day two of the festival. check our twitter updates #backstage on Saturday as Monkey Monkey turns loose (2) recent grads of www.shine.fm to pour & press backstage to many of the Dove nominated artists. I love growing others through opportunities & watching them exceed my expectations!