Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Mug Shot :: Newspring

Good Morning Monkey's ~

for a limited time only...I am the Daily Mug Shot!...but only because Nick Charalambous asked me to document the impact that Newspring Church in South Carolina & on the internet has had on my life over the last year. The view of one's self from an extended arm with a , flip camera facing in doesn't really do it justice...unless I'm considering running to the salon for bangs or a the nearest botox injection....

I'm a follower for the "Cause of Chirst" inspired by, and led over the last year by a group of amazing folks on a screen who I've never sat in a room with or ever shared a meal. Yet, their impact and dedication to reaching others & "making Jesus famous" really can not be measured this side of Heaven.

Never underestimate the power of 140 characters through a tweet, twitter ...that's how I landed in the web service as "givelovecoffee" interacting with folks from all other the world in a chatroom alongside a message given on a stage in South Carolina. WHAT...RELLY church online!
You bet'cha and don't knock it...til you see others come to Christ right before your eyes...:90 minutes of a life revealed, led and surrendered to Jesus one at a time "never gets old"

Impersonal, really, I beg your Southern pardon! Screens and keyborads, fingers dance, hearts open and pour out pain, victory and encouragement. The connnections don't end on Sunday...or Tuesday, they "just begin" their/there. The webservice is not for whimps! more conversation takes place, lifes are transformed and we are just beginning to know the impact of the efforts to share the Love of Christ online & off by one anothering.

So gather around the screen this Christmas invite others, turn it up, plug in & connect......and I promise I won't say "I told you so". Newspring

Merry Christmas