Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Mug Shot Giving mini Impacting BIG

o.k. so what's up with the @msgreen m&m .... it's a call to "give mini" for a big impact. Some call me silly, some just shake their head but I began yesterday to fill an empty mini m&m container with quarters for Haiti. I have used this method to save money before...for things "I wanted" but didn't have enough "will power" to save. I also used mini m&m tubes to welcome new monkey's to Moon Monkey Coffee Company. ~ MM can stand for Moon Monkey or M&M's.
btw a mini m&m tube holds $20.00. So I began to do the math...$20. X 25 folks....$500.00 here's the m&m challenge...every shipment of Moon Monkey Coffee gifted and/or purchased in 2010 will come with a "mini M&M tube". The challenge will be for each person to fill it with quarters and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope to charity giving relief to #Haiti through the gift of fresh water in #Haiti everyday Water Missions Join me the "give mini" project.

The power of one person makes an impact!