Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Mug Shot Giving mini Impacting BIG

o.k. so what's up with the @msgreen m&m .... it's a call to "give mini" for a big impact. Some call me silly, some just shake their head but I began yesterday to fill an empty mini m&m container with quarters for Haiti. I have used this method to save money before...for things "I wanted" but didn't have enough "will power" to save. I also used mini m&m tubes to welcome new monkey's to Moon Monkey Coffee Company. ~ MM can stand for Moon Monkey or M&M's.
btw a mini m&m tube holds $20.00. So I began to do the math...$20. X 25 folks....$500.00 here's the m&m challenge...every shipment of Moon Monkey Coffee gifted and/or purchased in 2010 will come with a "mini M&M tube". The challenge will be for each person to fill it with quarters and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope to charity giving relief to #Haiti through the gift of fresh water in #Haiti everyday Water Missions Join me the "give mini" project.

The power of one person makes an impact!

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  1. WOW! We are honored! We have much work to do. This will be a tremendously large response. We are moving massive amount of equipment into the country. We will then do all we can to transition this equipment to communities throughout all of Haiti.

    Jerry Miner
    VP Disaster Response
    Water Missions International