Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Mug Shot :: Andy Stanley


Summary: PRINCIPLE OF THE PATH by Andy Stanley is book about the heart of each person’s path and the principle that operates within a life. Here’s the principle: Direction- not intention- determines destination. The gist of the book can be found in this except taken from page 3 of PRINCIPLE OF THE PATH

…”this is a principle because it isn’t a rule you follow. Truth is, the principle of the path follows you. It’s not a law. You can break a law. But the principle of the path has the power to break you. It is not an idea or concept you choose to apply. As we discover, it is being applied to you every moment of everyday.


PRINCIPLE OF THE PATH by Andy Stanley, should not be read if you do not want to challenge the status quo in your life…or perhaps revisit past decisions in your life…that you never intended to make… rather the path make them for you. Principle was challenging @ best to read as a 40 something who never intended many things that now shape my life. However, it is full of outstanding examples, personal observations from Andy’s life & rich with biblical truth along with a study guide. These examples, observations, and biblical truth offer hope for the future and make the case to “pay attention to the path you intend for your life.

Personal reflections in the margin: (I often write in margin of books as I read here are some of them)

Decisions made with reckless abandon in your youth lead to regret & path you never intended to follow.

Prayer: Lord help me to choose the divine direction to leverage choice as an advantage: a path that leads to the life you died for me to have…

This book is a must read regardless of your age and where you find yourself on the path of life!