Sunday, November 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

Join us December 10th @ the orginal Moon Monkey Coffee named Higher Grounds....I know, I know the sign still says Moon Monkey Coffee Company...It is Higher Grounds with the Monkey Inside :) Moon Monkey Coffee that is...can you belief the band Bare Naked Ladies ...saw that on the sign in Septmeber right before the take over and thought their was a monkey inside...the entire band came in looking for the monkey. So funny. The band was in town to play @ an event and fell for their own trick. Guess, the came up the name "Bare Naked Ladies" because when their name was placed on the sign...the place filled up and guessed it "no bare naked ladies" just the name of the band.... but it did draw in the crowd. anyway...back to December 10th. Girls night out! My girlfriend has begun selling Mary Kay to make ends meet and being the supportive friend I am I decided to have a Mary Kay Party... thought it would be fun to have @ the orginal Moon Monkey Coffee Company and create a girls night out. I know I have(5) friends I can I don't know if those five friends need or WANT MaryKay Make-up but I'm gonna ask'em to bring their fav five friends to create a girls night out! so...if I can find five friends with December 10th available...and open from 6P-8:30PM and they bring 5'll be 25 gals with a brief night out over extra ordinary coffee giggles and some glam. Ya, ya I know the above picture has nothing to do with anything...but it's all I could's me & Mac Powell from Third Day this summer. I spoted him in the crowd and became a geek in :30 seconds. forgot to take my ear plugs out before the flash went off!

join us for call Shannon to RSVP 815-370-9222

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