Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Mug Shot Congrats Billy Wilson

to see Billy Wilson's perspective...please read on....tamp on Billy! From one roaster to Barista, your right on! thanks for giving love coffee to roasters w/ or without a store front the opportunity to share their beans in a market they may never be in...Hope someday you feature Moon Monkey Coffee Smokey Chimp Espresso behind that sweet bar!

"The industry standard is to use one roaster. They give you equipment for free or at least on the cheap, help train your baristas, give you advice and, in return, you're loyal to them."
The first featured roasters will be Chicago's Intelligentsia Coffee -- The New York Times calls it the country's most talked-about roaster -- and Ecco Caffe, a small Bay Area operation that sources the best Brazilian coffee, according to Wilson.
"I want to support progressive roasters who work directly with farmers and pay a good price," he says. "I really think that's the future of coffee, it's got to be."
Wilson's vision had the support of Stumptown owner Duane Sorenson, a close friend. "This is the first instance of Stumptown sharing (coffee bean) space at a cafe," Wilson says. "There are enough people out there who will come in and taste (Stumptown's) Hair Bender and (Intelligentsia's) Black Cat head to head."
The less geeky can simply order a latte, leaving it to the staff to select the roast that pairs best with steamed milk. "If they're in a hurry and really don't care, we'll just make the drink. If someone is interested and asks questions, we'll go more in depth," he says. "It's all about reading the customer."

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