Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daily Mug Shot


Recently I discovered that I had lost my wedding ring. I know, that sounds horrible. How can you loose your wedding ring and not know about it? All I can say is I have 4 little kids, am in school full time and work 25 hours a week! I do things like that.I have misplaced my wedding ring many times before. I'll take it off to do dishes or for bedtime and haphazardly lay it somewhere - the dresser, bathroom sink, kitchen windowsill, the computer desk.Times before when I lost it I would just "keep my eye out" for it and it would usually appear within a few hours. When I realized it hadn't appeared in 3 days I began to be concerned. I played over the last time I remembered seeing it...Friday night when I showed it to our baby sitter's mom. Did I put it back on? Set it on the dresser? I really couldn't remember.Finally on Monday night the search turned official. I was determined to find my ring! Beginning casually ... I organized the computer desk. No luck. When I laid my 2 year old down I pulled out her toddler bed and prayed I didn't find it there ... I didn't.I pulled out the flashlight and looked under the stove and fridge ... I wasn't brave enough to venture into what I saw. I pulled apart our furniture ... I even cut a small hole in our couch and chair to pull loose items that were otherwise unreachable. I found game pieces, tinker toys, Runts, and a word search book, but no ring.In desperation I looked through my dirty clothes pile hoping it would fall out ... 6 cents did, but no ring. At the bottom of the pile was the jeans I wore that weekend. My mind full of doubt, I reached into the pocket ... and pulled out ... my ring. Safe all along, just waiting for me to pull it out and return it to its rightful home ... my left ring finger.We're all have lost things in our lives. Old relationships, dreams we have set aside, a courageous choice God asked us to make long ago, a New Years Resolution. How long will it need to be missing before our search turns into all out panic and for once we are willing to lay aside everything else until you can proclaim "The lost has been found?(Guest blog post by Abbie Mantor, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies student at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky.

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