Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee and Milk Daily Mug Shot

Coffee and Milk
Originally uploaded by Chaval Brasil
Good Morning Moon Monkey Junkies~
Love the red in this mug shot...also the milk right on the top...talk about timing! Reflecting over a press of Sumatra this morning and recovering from reflections taken in from just two articles featured in May/June Issue of Collide Magazine. Speaking of Milk "Holy Cow" here are just a few quotes as I was reading back to front....

"God uses Social forces to propel the Gospel" & ..."Multitude making is a social phenomenon, not a spiritual one. And if we overlook that truth, we do stupid things in teh name of faith" Ben Arment

"Unless your consider that we treat one another with the same level of irrational assessment. In the Christian community, there's an awful lot of judging unfinished people as if they were the final product" Mark Steele

heavy stuff....to ponder in the coffee lab today....as I roast. So glad for me coffee is an art & www.shine.fm is the platform in my life. I will add more margin today...give me eyes to see everyone as ART a work in progress!

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