Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's daily mug shot is art in a that, I've been pouring and sketching with syrup lately...chocolate, raspberry & milk atop Moon Monkey Coffee you almost can't go wrong with that combination. Headed to the coffee lab today after the Shine.FM studios...putting smiles on more raving fans! Decided not to roast in the midst of tornado's last night!
Reading a new book today: "Just Do Something" a liberating approach to finding God's Will OR
"How to make a decsion without dreams, visions, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random bible verses, casting lots, liver shivers, wrting in the sky, etc. by Kevin Deyoung. I'm stuck on page 15...combined with quote from Ben Arment yesterday....I'm wrecked, the coffee lab is the perfect place for me.
"Second, our search for the will of God has become an accomplice in the postponement of growing up, a convenient out for the young (or old) Christian floating through life without direction or purpose. Too many of us have passed off our instability, inconsistency, and endless self-exploration as "looking for God's will, as if not making up our minds and meandering through life were marks of spiritual sensitivity.
As a result, we are full of passivity adn empty on follow-through. We're tinkering around with everyone and everything. Instead, when it comes to our future, we should take some responsibility, make a decision, and just do something.

Followed by Ben Arment, "God uses social forces to propel the Gospel ... and multitude making is a social phenomenon not a spiritual one and if we overlook the truth , we do stupid things in the name of faith.

Yikes, I needed that...Note to self: Don't be stupid!

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