Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Mug Shot

Today's daily mug shot...not anyone I know personally, & I must confess forgot where I saw the picture yesterday in my "social working" efforts online...the picture captured my attention....looks to me like she
"GOT WET" somewhere... Visions are alot like that... My vision for Moon Monkey Coffee Compay...somedays I feel how she looks....but I agree with this tweet from @holycowcreative You don't carry out a vision by poking at it, you have to take the risk of stepping out onto it and embracing it fully. Or what I call "GET WET" jump in both feet, embrace it..."what's the hook?" make sure you are "called" to do it!
Another post yesterday that got my attention... @messycanvas Do you ever feel afraid to disappear? I struggle with this...(see my last post)....also relates to the picture above..."looks like she's saying "000000hhh" one of these Ah Ha moments in life. so I'm working through it.
What does any of this have to do with coffee? Nothing and everything! Coffee is "just" the connection tool I use to blend the passions in my life. What are they? OREO's= Ordinary relationships Extraordinary Obedience...One Anothering on line and off through social "social work" also includes my first love...RADIO.... When you blend the two passions, coffee & radio & you begin to allow God to unpack'em right in front of you...well you have a vision! Larger then life somedays that leaves me WET, exhausted, and frustrated trying to convince those around me that leading others, by one anothering and investing in them is a "social work " formula for God to do amazing things! Be careful what you pray found faithful right/write were you are & hold on! it's a wild ride! For those of you who are wondering why I'm unpacking this vision on my company website...Simple! It's the fabric of who I am. I can't separte the "who" from the "do" hurts.... it's a vision, a passion, it's "whose" I am
Make today a masterpiece over an extraordinary cup of coffee! connect, inspire them, lead from the edge of each opportunity! & "Stop just poking at it!"

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