Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daily Mug Shot

Today's Daily Mug shot...won't happen very I don't like picutres of myself! But this picture represents my "state of mind" a pivitol moment in time! Nicole C Mullen giving me props after encourging the audience @ the Gospel Music Association Artist panel this past April in Nashville. Her message to me & others "be found faithful" right/write where you are....big & small....not just with your money, but with your relationships & the vision for life!
Be found faithful today in all things connect, add value to others, inspire lead from the edge of every opportunity!
Headed to the coffee latter today for a little aroma therapy for some of my new raving fans from Aspen Group. Gotta go somewhere quiet & wonderful my head is full of stuff to sort through after a full day of visionary planning with the team. Leaning in and looking up!

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